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Travellers’ holding a valid Working Holiday Visa can legally work for up to 6 months with the same employer. Our experience shows the average period travellers commit to work ranges from 6 weeks to 6 months. If they have already gained their second Working Holiday Visa (through seasonal harvest work) and really enjoy working in a specific industry or area, they will often commit to 6 months work or even look for sponsorship.


Aussi Jobs has a constant supply of travellers and permanent residents through our virtual office.  The travellers have worked in a diverse range of industries with experience in Agriculture, labour and hospitality through to trade and degree qualifications.


We also often interview Australian and New Zealand citizens and other permanent residents.  If you require someone long term, we will be able to accommodate this.


If you are in the hospitality industry, whether you have a bar, restaurant or café in the metro area, we can provide you with experienced workers whose background is in hospitality. We ensure that they have an RSA / Covid certs before they start and try to suit personalities to your unique environment.


If your company is looking for labourers, we can also assist you in finding skilled employees to help on your worksites as you need them. We can provide you with casual employees who can fill in for a few days or commit to several months. We can ensure that they have a white card, forklift ticket or any relevant licenses and PPE if required.


Perhaps your family is involved in the agricultural sector and you need station or farm hands to help with seeding, mustering, dairy or horticultural work or even a nanny during the busy periods? Again, Aussi Jobs is more than capable of supplying you with employees who have experience in these industries and can help you at your property. The process is very easy; a quick call or an email will put you in contact with someone who can help.


Every effort will be taken to match a suitable employee to your organisation. If the employee is unsuitable we have a 3-5 day replacement guarantee.

 Aussi Jobs fees are very competitive. We are able to offer a one off placement fee for each traveller employed .


Aussi Jobs will provide to you the candidates personal resume if you so desire. We always confirm by phone, email and/or fax a detailed list of staff we provide. The individual employee’s name and position is detailed on all invoices.  All staff provided will have a Working Holiday Visa check conducted directly with the Immigration Department.


All travellers are personally interviewed by a trained Aussi Job consultant. At Aussi Jobs we aim to match the employer and the employee to the criteria provided in the job description.