A Station in Australia is a very large scale farming operation located in very remote areas. 


Working on a station is not for everyone, with temperatures reaching up into the high 40’s and the isolation from other towns and cities, and people need to be aware and prepared for these conditions before considering a Stationhand position.


The station also offer a variety of jobs for the ladies, with cleaning, cooking and child minding positions available, again being prepared for high temperatures and isolation is imperative to placing someone in these positions.


Stations can have a variety of livestock from sheep, goats and cattle to wild camels and wild boars, the last two of which roam free across these vast stations, and can be classed as pests (along with Dingoes).


Not all stations muster their stock with horses.  Motorbikes, buggies, Utes, Areoplane and Helicopters are mainly used now.  It is hard work, and ideal for people who have a trade background or previous experience in farming, as Stations only muster a couple times of year.   The rest is fencing, repair of machinery and equipment and solid days of work.  You will need to have physical endurance for this type of work.