At Aussi Jobs we have clientele that can offer a variety of farmhand positions from dairy, beef, sheep and broadacre (arable) farms.


You will need to be prepared to work in the country areas of Australia.  A must is to have Telstra Next G Mobile phone.  Suitable clothing (work boots, long pants, long sleeves, hat, water bottle).  Most of our Dairy, Beef and Sheep farms require a FULL drivers licence to be able to work on the farm.  Sometimes, it is ideal to have your own car, but this depends on our clients requirements (plus you can drive around on your days off and see the countryside and check out the local watering holes).


Types of Farms you may be placed in:

  • Sheep
  • Sheep and Crop
  • Cattle (Feedlot and Beef)
  • Dairy
  • Cropping (Seeding and Harvest) Arable / Broadacre Farms


A lot of Western Australian farms have a combination of stock and grain on their farms.