Country Pubs

Working in Country Pubs (Bars, Hotels, Taverns) in rural Western Australia can be the most rewarding time you have in Australia.  This is where you get to meet the “real” locals and find out about all the tales and adventures past people have had.


You will need to work behind the bar, stocking shelves, cleaning areas around the bar, and some positions you may be required to do housekeeping and some kitchen hand work.   The majority of country pubs will require you to do most of the above, so if you don’t like cleaning, this may not be the position for you.  You will also like to meet people and have the confidence to talk to a lot of people.  Aussi Jobs suggest you down load an Australian Slang guide to help you through!


Country Pubs are mainly situated in large and small towns and some are can be in isolated locations. Others are located close to bigger towns so if you get days off you can go to the bigger towns to do shopping.  Country Pubs are an excellent way to save money for your next adventure as there is very little to spend your money on, except if you drink a lot !


You will be required to do your RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) which you can google over the internet.  Please make sure you do an online course that is Nationally Recognised in Australia. 


Country Pubs offer great wages and most will include your meals and accommodation


Most of the rural towns of Western Australia only have Telstra Next G mobile coverage, so Optus, Virgin, Vodafone will not work here.  Please check.