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Hi Peoples - 08 9325 2352 Aussi Jobs Number (now virutal number) has unfortunately been redirected via Telstra and Telstra cant find where it has been sent to ??  (Welcome to Australian Communications). 
Please use my mobile number 0409 915 309 if you need to ring me, but please respect Aussi Jobs Work hours are 10 to 4 Monday to Friday (Perth Time). 
Of course current clients and people in the final process of receiving work with Aussi Jobs please text this number after work hours and I will call you back.  Update on this website soon to let you all know whats happening with Aussi Jobs :) 
Please have a read through and email me your resume/s if there are more than 1 looking for work and follow up by email / text or phone call next day.  I try and aim to return everyones messages who are looking for work - but due to the large amount of people looking for work - I am only human and a small boutique recruitment agency :)
Best of luck guys and enjoy Australia !  I do :)


Aussi Jobs Pty Ltd is an Australian owned Registered Employment Agency, who specialise in finding Travellers, Backpackers, Australian's, New Zealanders and Permanent Resident Holders find work throughout Western Australia (and other states too) and connect them with great Australian Employers.


 Aussi Jobs was located in Barrack Street in the City Centre of Perth for 7 years. As of July 2013, Aussi Jobs have been operating as a virtual office (well actually a Train Carriage....), with the majority of the business done by phone, internet and especially Skype.  Aussi Jobs will continue to meet with people who we have placed in a job, at a convenient location (hostel, coffeee shop, pub!) 


For the many people who have lots of questions to ask me, please go through my website, as I have a lot of information there, and a new addition to the site, there will be a Aussi Jobs Catch Up in various places around WA.  

Please click the catch up tab  to see where we will be. 


You will be able to meet Anissa to catch up on previous jobs you have been given, or come and ask all the questions on how to find work etc.  




We have numerous positions to fill, please go to the LOOKING FOR WORK,  Jobs Available on this website.  

Ladies for Country Pubs / Roadhouses are in high demand - this can also be a great opportunity to find your regional days as well (lots of farms out there!)


The rural community of Western Australia are really a friendly mob and the experiences you will have will be amazing.  


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Aussi Jobs is OPEN, but the office in Barrack Street is CLOSED for people wanting to walk in to enquire about work.


Please go to our "Looking for Work" then "Jobs Available" section to see if there are any jobs that you are interested in, if there is nothing there to suit you, please email your resume as jobs change throughout the day and week, and this page may not be updated.


Please email your resume (and your friends if you are wanting to work together) to

Please also make sure you register on the website as well :)


If you have not had an email repsonse within 2 days, please call the office on (08) 9325 2352 to follow up.



Aussi Jobs is a registered employment agency in Western Australia, and is not associated with any other employment agencies.  We operate as a virtual on line agency, and interview all our candidates via skype.


We are a FREE service helping people find work. 

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Aussi Jobs
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